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settling in

  1. Fawnia

    New Budgies Sleeping all Day Concerns

    Hello! Recently there was a bird convention and I decided to get 2 young Budgies. Actually, I for the past few months I was torn between getting a canary or 2 budgies, but once there, I decided budgies. I just cannot resist their beautiful colors~ Anyways, My budgies are strange. I have had...
  2. Nostromo

    4 Days in w/ Zephyr!

    Things are going great with our sweet gal! :swoon: She has settled in remarkably well. She loves her pellets, and her constant huge poops reflect how well she's eating! Haha. She seems happy in her cage, although she hasn't shown much interest in the toys she has in there yet. Most of the day...