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separating birds

  1. Melophile

    Separated lovebirds/only let one out with the other in its cage after biting me

    So, I have two bonded female lovebirds who have been acting a bit more aggressive lately (I think they're hormonal). Every day I let them out for about 2-3 hours. They like to cuddle but have a tendency of biting any exposed skin. I'll tell them "no" and "stop" if they bite, but let them crawl...
  2. marsleey

    Two budgies in separate cages

    I am planning on getting a second female budgie, and I’m wondering if it’s okay to keep my first female budgie and second in separate cages. I read that females are more aggressive and will fight. I don’t to risk them fighting in the same cage while we are gone and have something bad happen. I...
  3. Char123

    Bonded lovebird and parrotlet

    Hi I have both a parrotlet and a rescue lovebird, when I got them they was in separate cages however decided they wanted to be together so for the past year and a bit they have not been separated but since January my lovebird who is male has got a bit too heavy handed with his mating ritual and...
  4. T

    Separating Siblings - Need Advice

    Hello! I have two ten month old cockatiels, Ham and Rosie. I got them from a private owner who said they'd be hand tamed and were not at all when I got them, so I had to start from scratch with getting them used to me. Wanted to start off with that so you'd understand that their sibling...
  5. K

    Should I separate them or keep them in one cage?

    Hello fellow tiel owners! I think I could use some help. My boyfriend and I already have some expierence with cockatiels and we do bird rescuing. However we took home single cockatiels before and things were easier, but this time we took a bonded couple - male and female (1 year old and 1,5 year...
  6. Tabracadabra

    To separate, or not to separate?

    Our unrelated mixed sex Parrotlet pair Popo and Izi are very tightly bonded. They are health-cleared rescues, and their previous owner said they don’t breed successfully. She suspected the female is infertile. My question is, is it safe to leave them together? From what I’m reading...
  7. Bethannie Rose

    Why are my budgies fighting?

    I’ve had two budgies (1 male 1 female) in a considerably large cage together for close to a year now and they’ve gotten along great except at the start of this week they started fighting! I suspect this to be hormonal but I’m not sure what to do? At the moment i have them separated in 2 separate...
  8. Reggie

    A Bit of A Problem

    As some of you already know I have three budgies. The older two (Jersey (female) and Manny (male)) were already bonded when I brought Happy (male) home (quarantined him, let them meet, added him to the flock - the whole nine yards). At first there seemed to be a problem between Jersey and Happy...