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self mutilation

  1. BabyBirdMa

    Bird health update: Self harming and aggression

    Bit of a health update on Ms. Bailey, my African Grey and Danny, my Yellow-Sided Conure: We took Ms. Bailey to the vet for her foot-sores and it turns out they were self-inflicted. She turned out to be stressed because the eggs she laid weren’t hatching. I have since removed the cat-hut and...
  2. KatieKess

    Self Mutilator - Best Topical Cream?

    Hi! My cockatiel Marvin is a self mutilator. he’s been tested for multiple things, been to the vets 7 times, and they cannot figure out what’s causing this. He only mutilates one spot on his back, but he has days where it is really bad to the point that all he does is bite himself and squeal...