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seeking ideas

  1. Katira

    Why is he biting now and what should I do?

    Hi all! First time poster here! :newhere: I am Katira, I am 23 and an online student, bibliophile and full-time bird nerd. Welcoming all helpful suggestions for me and my two best bird friends!! :irn::heart::bcc: So a little backstory: I was given my IRN :irn: Apple, by a friend who bought him...
  2. Frogpasta

    Alternative for chargers.

    Hey everyone! As many of us bird owners know, our feathered friends love to bite/chew on anything and everything they can. Recently, my Tiel Gnocchi has decided that his new favourite pastime is *trying* to chew phone chargers. Of course I don’t let him, but he is determined. I’ve been...