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  1. CuteConure

    911 Help! My bird bit my other conure and he has dried blood and lost feathers!

    I was on my computer and after a few hours I went into my room and I saw blood on the seed catcher net. I looked around and saw my GCC with dried blood on his foot and lost feathers above his leg. I searched up some websites but none of them had my situation. One said take your bird to the again...
  2. W

    Scared about new parakeet's health!

    Hello! I'm new to these forums, and I made an account because I'm worried about my new parakeet. I have two budgies: Sock and Glove. I have had Glove for almost 2 months and we have a great bond. She's healthy, adorable, a bit cranky sometimes, but she's very loving. I got Sock a few days ago...
  3. hyacinthlove

    Urgent Anybody ever seen this skin condition?

    We had a rough winter and our house was very cold so he had a heater next to his cage to keep him from getting too cold, especially at night. When I first found the scabs I thought he had just scratched himself raw from being too dry (believe me, I was sick about it. I did my best to keep him...