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safe cooking

  1. GeezLouise

    PTFE Free Kitchen? Help!

    I'm moving soon and need to purchase all new kitchen appliances! Pots, pans, utensils and all. I've inquired about ceramic pans on here before, and have been searching Amazon and some kitchen stores, but I am so incredibly anxious (and picky :shy:) about what to buy. It would be beyond helpful...
  2. GeezLouise

    Suggestions for keeping my space bird safe?

    Suggestions for keeping my space bird safe? I’ve had my green cheek for about 4 years, and keeping her in this current house has never raised any concerns with smells/fumes I may have given off. She’s been far enough away from everything I didn’t have to worry. This August I’m moving into an...
  3. Lothetiel

    Bird safe cookware

    I really want to make aebleskivers (a danish dish, basically pancake balls) and for that I need an aebleskiver pan. Finding one with good reviews is difficult but finding one that’s bird safe as well is proving extremely challenging. Does anyone know any bird safe brands that have aebleskiver...
  4. Kenzie

    Insight on 2 Kitchen Sets Safety

    Hello all! We found these two kitchen sets that seem very appealing to the eye and based off the descriptions, seem safe enough. I however would rather NOT kill my birds, and am looking for further opinion, maybe someone here has bought these sets and checked into the safety thoroughly! This is...
  5. PrettyBirdy

    Safe Hot-Plate?

    Hi y'all! I'm moving into someones downstairs apartment soon, and since it only has a kitchenette I want to buy and bring a hot-plate for cooking. I was going to go through the standard procedure of calling the various brands to ask about Teflon, but I figured someone on here might have some...
  6. W

    Instant pots possibly safe?

    I see posts of people cooking food for the fids in these popular pressure cookers; can I take this to mean that they are safe generally? I would think that the temperatures wouldn't get to the high levels needed for outgassing teflon-type compounds, especially with the use of pressure to assist...