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rope toys

  1. Willzan

    Creating my own toy

    Hi there parrotlovers! Im thinking of creating a net to hang on the wall for my birds, i found this piece of rope that is about 20 meters long. I was wondering if i could buy that and build my own net to hang on the wall along with some Wood to kind of keep it all togheter and for them to bite...
  2. Parakeet88

    Cleaning rope perches?

    All of my birds absolutely love rope perches but I'm wondering if there's a way to clean them or do I need to buy new ones? I'd go through these perches like crazy if they need to be replaced when dirty. My GCC loves to wipe his morning chop face all over his and of course they all get poop on...
  3. ginjaninja004

    Homemade Toys!``

    Hi Everyone! I have a sweet little green cheek conure named Ollie and I want to hand make him some toys! He LOOOOVES beads.. LOVES them and I found the beads, but I am unsure what string is safe for birds?? Any suggestions?