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red bellied parrot

  1. Beebleburb

    Possibility for future flock growth, advice needed.

    Id like to preface this by saying the only 'communal' area my parrots share is the playroom. Their cages are positioned so they dont even have to look at eachother, they have a ton of privacy and each have specific play areas catered to their needs where they hang out 90% of the time. All play...
  2. MandieLee


    Hey everyone, New to the forums :D I have a 1.5yo Red Belly x Senegal named Bowie (still not sold on the name) Just wondering if anyone is keen to share enrichment ideas! Also post photos of your babies! This species is my world, I am getting a pair of Red Bellies in like a week so if anyone...
  3. F

    Red-bellied parrot and maximilian pionus

    These birds have been my family for 14 and 12 years respectively. Please, do not send me any unkind messages. This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I promised them a lifetime and am thoroughly heartsick to break that promise, but I have looked at the situation from every angle...