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  1. MangoTheLB

    Toy Suggestions for a Lovebird?

    Hello! I was wondering whether anybody has any recommendations for some toys for a lovebird? Seeing that my bird, Mango has been looking quite bored lately I was wondering whether there are any toys out there that could help entertain such a small bird like her? I've got some ladders and a few...
  2. BirdLady13

    Parrotlet v. Lovebird

    In the near future I intend on getting a parrotlet and/or a peach-faced lovebird. I worked with birds for a living at one time, and I've done extensive research on both pocket parrots, but rather than look at "facts" it would be helpful to get some opinions. This is the information I have...
  3. SaffronConure

    Foods similar to Harrison's?

    My two cockatiels' favorite food is Harrison's extra fine, they love it and there's no wasted food. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult to get my hands on right now so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for foods with a similar texture? I've tried roudybush, they eat it but the...
  4. keirieski17

    Chop Recommendations

    Hi all! I’ve got my guys on a good pellet and seed diet, and I want to start trying to incorporate vegetables and though chop could be a good place to start. Does anyone have recommendations for places to order chop? I’ve been looking at Christine’s Chop Shop and Texas Freeze Dried. Thanks in...
  5. M

    I need recommendation from Green cheek conure owners

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am a writer and a student but I will graduate in the next month, so I'm considering to get a Green cheek conure after quarantine. I need maximium 2 to 4 hours of silence so I can focus on my writing. Is a green cheek conure suitable for me? I just...
  6. Kellie

    Quaker Breeder Recommendations?

    Can anyone give a recommendation for a breeder able to ship a baby Quaker? We recently moved to South Carolina, and there is a SHOCKING lack of avian, well, ... anything here. Over the past 3 months, we've transversed the state visiting 27 pet stores (big box and local) and the only birds...
  7. 5

    Beginner bird recommendations and questions

    Hi, I’ve recently been interested in birds, they seem like such amazing and intelligent creatures! Can you recommend some birds to me? Here are some details about myself: Completely new to birds No other pets (except for fish) Young children live with me, but they won’t be interacting with...
  8. Katalina

    Dehydrator Recommendations

    Hello all! :) I'm looking into getting a dehydrator, and I was curious if anyone had any experience with their own. Yuna is slow to accept veggies, but I figured I might try making them crunchy instead of their normal softness. His previous owners gave him a lot of cereal, chips, crackers...
  9. Tessa

    Cage recommendations for single budgie?

    Hi! This is my first post! I've been searching for a flight cage for my single budgie and it's been pretty overwhelming. I have a few cages that I've been looking at which I'll list below along with some of my concerns as well. Are HQ or A&E good brands? Please give your opinions on my finds...
  10. music2music

    Foraging Toys for Budgies

    I want to find new toys for my little budgie Twiggy. I want to find her a foraging toy, but I haven't seen many for small birds. I don't mind being recommended an online shop if it means getting a nice toy. :)
  11. ChipperChirper

    Cage Recommendations

    I am sure there are eyes being rolled at this question being asked; as I know that it gets asked time and time again. Budgies prefer width rather than height, correct? I have been looking around on Amazon for a flight cage but have seen so many varying opinions and reviews on each cage. Would...
  12. ThatsFowlPlay

    Caique Questions

    Hi, I'm really new to Avian Avenue and this is my first thread!!!! I'm thinking about putting down a deposit for a baby white bellied Caique and I need help finding out a perfect cage size. I found this cage, http://a.co/enqVqJc and don't know if the cage too big or too small, or the bar spacing...
  13. anuska

    recommend your favorite toy stores to buy from

    Hi all , I'm looking for good websites that sell toys for my Amazons at affordable prices preferably in the U.S , if any one of you have favorites that you'd like to recommend please feel free to do so. Also what are your favorite kinds of toys that you leave to your fids unsupervised , I have a...