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  1. E

    Natural incubation in button quails

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here because I need some insight from someone more experienced than me in this "field". I have two button quails (male and female), they are now a little over two years old, but just about 6 days ago the female became broody. She kind of tried in the past...
  2. B

    Mirror question

    My male cockatiel is about 2 years old and really enjoyed mirrors when I first got him. He still loves them but now he is acting differently. He is now hopping around looking at his own reflection, and sometimes sings to himself, what does this mean? (He is also with 2 different other species...
  3. D

    Conures fighting

    Hi, I have two conures and I had a question. So when either one conure takes a shower or both do, they start arguing and fighting when they are together. They tackle each other and have loud voices. I’ve searched a bunch but have not found anything. Is it something with their appearance? Smell...
  4. squeak514

    Jealous Lovebird ??

    My lovebird, Peaches, has a habit of biting whenever I have company over. She loves seeing new people and is quick to fly right to them, but whenever I get close (usually to pick her up myself or remove her if requested), I receive a nice, painful bite. When it's just her and I, she's incredibly...
  5. Kile

    Saying Hello + a question

    Hey, my name is Kile! I read on this forum for advice frequently so I thought I'd join it. My first bird was a Starling... not the most common pet I know, but I found her as a nestling fallen from a nest in the barn this spring and I planned on raising her for release thinking she was a...