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  1. P

    IRN territory training (sad update #4)

    Hi! I have a 10mo old F Indian/African Ringneck hybrid and a couple of months ago we added a green cheek (M 3mo old) to keep her company while my partner and I are at work. After quarantining them, we brought their cages into the same room. They are practically the same model cage, so look quite...
  2. B

    Obsessive Behavior Causing Issues

    Hello all! This is my first post here, I found this site while searching my issue and decided to try since you all seem very helpful! Our 1yr 5m old female(?) GCC named Ivy has lately become very problematic when it comes to our 16yr old daughter. I understand she is most likely going through...
  3. Photon

    Playing rough and nipping

    I need some help with my pineapple GC. We have had him for about 6 months and rescued him (from our backyard, no knowledge of previous owner or age/gender to be certain). From what the vet says and based on what he looked and acted like when we found him, he was most likely 5 months - 1 year...
  4. RebeccaZM

    Cockatiel smells like wet bird when dry? Smelly boy

    Hello all! I hope this is the correct place to post this! I'll post it on Cockatiel Corner as well. My cockatiel Obi-Wan has begun to smell like wet bird recently, even when he's dry, but it is definitely more pronounced when he is wet, downright stinky during bath time. Before this he had that...
  5. DuckyLou

    Help me prepare for puberty?

    Hi Avian Family! Duck is officially 7 months old as of today. She is lovable and snuggly, and an overall sweetheart. I know that puberty will hit at some point, and I’m prepared for a change of behavior (teenagers, am I right?). I’m hoping to get some insight to help me prepare for what I’m in...
  6. asdf6121

    Puberty/Hormonal Behavior?

    Hello again everyone~ I've noticed that my female budgie is acting more aggressive than usual and doesn't want to interact with us. She also doesn't play with her toys as much as she used to. She seems to get annoyed by our male budgie more easily and sometimes even guards food from him. Could...
  7. malibu

    What age do Lovebirds go through puberty?

    I was thinking about this last night since Chica is about 4/5 months now and she has started to go under the blanket and if I move the blanket at all she lunges at me. I have only been bitten once and that was when I was trying to type on my laptop and she didn't like that and bit me. It wasn't...
  8. Cosette Gagne

    Molting? GCC

    Hello all! This is my first post. I've been lurking on the forums for a bit. Got my Yellow sided GCC in March of this year. He is now 6 months old. I believe he has started molting but I'm not quite sure. We have had a couple really nice, warm days here in New England. I took him for a walk...
  9. Sweet Louise

    at what age is typical for reguritating?

    Louise is 15 months and loves loves loves my best friend. Today, she kept trying to regurgitate for her. My friend redirected her but she was clearly trying and clearly succeeded. Is 15 mos a little young for this behavior? any thoughts appreciated. thank you.
  10. Sfnegron

    How bad is quaker's puberty

    Hello Pickles is only 7 months old. But I'm getting a little nervous about quaker's puberty. I had read terrible stories about it. He is such a good boy I don't want him to change. Please share your stories and how you helped the bird to make it an easier process.