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problem behavior

  1. Nostromo

    Screaming to be Close to Person

    Hi Avian Avenue, Our ten year old Blue Head Pionus female has recently developed a habit of screaming whenever she is in the same room as my partner, who is Her Person, and she's not with him on his shoulder or sitting on the couch next to him. The scream is ear splitting and quite irritating...
  2. DimitarIM

    A big problem with my ringneck

    Hey, I have a 4 years old male Indian Ringneck Parakeet named Murfi. I've got him 3 years ago from a lottery I won and back then I had no idea how to deal with birds. Basically I did almost everything an inexperienced person would do - I've shouted at him in the morning, didn't give him a proper...
  3. parsaxyz

    Should I give my Jenday away?

    Hi all, I have had Turok for about 5 months now, and he is still scared of me and my brother. We never use force, never hit him, never even yelled at him. However, we did buy him from a pet shop (my country doesnt have breeders yet) and I think the constant touching grabbing and possibly...
  4. Barnaby Rose

    Oliver is driving me CRAZY please help!

    Hi guys. It has been a while since I have posted (probably a good thing), but here I am again and I need some help. My little man Oliver (he is a Timneh African Grey), is about two years old now (yes, I know, the terrible twos)... and is becoming a little heck*** DEMON with his screaming, and I...
  5. Fairu

    Baby doesn't want to be in her cage.

    This is our first lovebird and I'm not sure what to do. Have owned many buggies in the past and have never encountered this issue. A bit of information about the situation. We just picked up our new baby from a breeder on Sunday, after a 2 hour car ride we got her home and in her new room. I...
  6. birdashes

    Reinsurance of unwanted behavior now that he can fly....Advice?

    So when I first got Valentine RB2 he had this nasty habit of going into shoulders and biting ears. I think his first owner allowed him to do it to be honest... It took me a month or so, but the behavior went away. I would remove him, and. place him on the floor for a moment . He learned pretty...
  7. Umbra

    Pineapple Conure - At my wits end

    Hi everyone! I'm a recent addition to these forums. My flock consists of two rescued house sparrows (Keelo and Pippin) and a pineapple green cheek (Ollie). If you'd like to hear our story and meet them I posted pictures and the story of the sparrows up on Welcome Lane. I came here to this...