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princess parrot

  1. Salmon

    Very nippy and aggressive princess parrot

    Hi all I recently bought a princess parrot (elvis) ive only had him for 4 days but so far nothing has changed he has seemed to become a bit more aggressive since going into his cage for the first time he bites my hand whenever i have it near his cage and he becomes extremely aggressive in target...
  2. TurkeyTalker

    Teaching Baby Not to Bite Hard

    Hello all! Recently got an 11 week old Princess of Wales Parakeet and I’m wondering what is the best way to teach him not to bite hard. Of course he likes to use his beak since he’s a baby but he has got quite the grip. He likes to grab a beak full of skin and just hold it tightly in his beak...
  3. kingpp

    Most affectionate bird?

    The bird doesn’t have to snuggle with me or nuzzle into my neck, just sit on my shoulder and hang out. I’ve done a lot of research on the care of these birds but I wanted to ask the opinions of actual bird owners on the personality. So which one forms a stronger bond/ is more affectionate...
  4. Tinta

    Does this keet have a crest?

    I've been noticing in various photo and video that the Princess Parakeet seems to have a crest? :princessblue::princesspink: