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pressure sore

  1. mybluebirb

    Urgent peeling foot and leg?

    i’ve recently noticed my indian ringnecks foot has been very dry. almost 2 weeks ago i saw there was a little scab on her leg that was red she must’ve hurt herself somewhere but that’s healed now. then a few days after her feet were dry and she has a pressure sore on one of them (her right...
  2. AussieBird

    Feet problems -Any advice?

    I don’t often post about my flocks health, but I could do with some advice. A little over a week ago LJ started acting different. He was not acting sick just different. Extended periods of napping laying down. Otherwise acting normal. Yesterday I checked his feet and they look red and slightly...
  3. Dostc426

    Sun Conure Pressure Sore! Need More Advice!

    Hello everyone! I posted a thread about this same topic about a month ago and have been battling pressure sores on my Sun's hock for relatively that long. I have since discovered that his perches, since they have always been varied and all-natural wood branches and now rotated constantly, are...
  4. Dostc426

    Pressure Sore! Need Advice!

    Hello everyone! My sun conure has a small pressure sore on his foot, which I have dealt with once before, at which time I apply coconut oil on his foot until it goes away, and have changed the perches to be rope perches and/or covered them in vet wrap! This time around I can no longer use vet...