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  1. Flynn

    Before and After Pellets

    Hey! I was wondering if anybody has pictures of their parrot before and after using pellets. I love seeing those types of comparisons :). Also, for those that did convert their parrot off of seeds, how long did it take to see a real difference in plumage?
  2. AkasyaEllric

    Necklace for my boys

    For any that don't know my birds' names are themed after the Arrow TV show/Green Arrow characters. I decided to actually do something quick and neat with their feathers and I'm happy with the way it turned out. Once I get a more lime feather from Diggle that will replace the first feather since...
  3. K

    Kakarikis Feathers

    I own 2 kakarikis, female and male (female shown in my profile picture!) but my male seems to have very ugly, to say feathers. He was like this ever since I purchased him and I think he might be moulting. They are about 1 year old do kakarikis moult when they are 1 year old or if not is there...
  4. chickadeecap

    Discolouration on wings -- cause for concern?

    Hi everyone I've attached some photos of my GCC Casper. He's had brown scalloping on one wing for over a year, but with his recent moult for spring he now has it on the other wing, too. He doesn't seem to be itchy or irritated, he doesn't pick at them. He's just turned three, is it just his...
  5. S

    Maximilian's Parrot Feathers

    Hello all, I've been looking at Maxi's online and noticed none of them have the bright colouration of my Charlie. He cycles through periods of normal plumage and bright, random splashes of colour such as yellow feathers on his back, peach and purple feathers on his chest and blue and yellow tail...