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pineapple green cheek conure

  1. birbgurl

    My go-to site for anything birb related

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for all my birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby) George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies (found...
  2. natalietcc

    Hi, I am new here~~~

    Hi everyone, I am a new member here~ :D It's my pleasure to join the forum! This is my cheeky but adorable budgie Kaze~~He's been with us for a month :budgie4: and our lovely pineapple conure Kiki :pgcc: who has just arrived our home for a week :greet15: and together they make a...
  3. C

    New member getting a new conure

    Hello! I’m new to this site but not new to bird companions. I have a sassy Blue-Crown Conure named Diego who was born to be a comedian. If you don’t laugh at his antics, he will laugh until you have to join in. His feathered friends are 2 Pionnus Parrots, a male and female, Bruce & Leila. Bruce...
  4. L

    Feather health

    Hello my pineapple conure been with us for two years . And he has a fluffy spot on his back i am not sure if he is plucking or he is just molting molding beacuse the feathers have pins i am worried he eats good and plays like always
  5. smelly boy

    Help! Wheezing on my Conure!

    Hi! Recently took my Pineapple Green Cheek Conure out of her cage this morning and I noticed a wheezing noice every time she breathes, however I have noticed a slight noise of it last night when she was going to sleep, no change in poop, no difference in her eyes, but she does have a bit of tail...
  6. Umbra

    Pineapple Conure - At my wits end

    Hi everyone! I'm a recent addition to these forums. My flock consists of two rescued house sparrows (Keelo and Pippin) and a pineapple green cheek (Ollie). If you'd like to hear our story and meet them I posted pictures and the story of the sparrows up on Welcome Lane. I came here to this...
  7. xjillian

    Green Cheek Conure bobs head and then bites

    Hello! So I recently got a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure and he's (not sure if it's a boy or a girl) about two, almost three months old. Sometimes when I take him out of his cage and put him on the top of the cage, he'll start rapidly bobbing his head and then bite my hand hard. What does this...
  8. Me&MyPinapple

    Hello Everyone!

    Glad I found this site! I have a lovely Pineapple Green Cheek Conure named Baby who is the love of my life. Spoiled rotten and he knows it! I recently had him DNA tested to see if he is a boy or girl (I only assume he is a boy because he is sooo personable and not shy at all which I've heard...
  9. WendyW

    Pictures Our Little Luna is 6 weeks old =)

    Our Little Luna at 6 weeks! She has grown so much in just a week. She will come home to us some time in August, woohoo, and we are beyond excited! Her colors our looking so brilliant! This is a picture from our breeder..... We are preparing her cage now for her. We have made some toys for her...
  10. WendyW

    Introducing our Luna!

    We are adopting Luna, a pineapple green cheek conure. This is an updated photo of her. She is 5 weeks old. She was DNA tested, so we know for sure its a girl. We are adopting her from a breeder. We should have her home with us sometime in August. My family and I are VERY excited. The last video...
  11. Littlbird

    Hey, New to the neighborhood

    Hi my name is lorechelle(avi) /Latin for littlbird. .yes spelled w/o the e in little, it needs to be original like tuck! :blahblah: And my 5 year old baby. Well" My" baby, is Tuck, Tucker,Tuck-Tuck Burd.... aka.. I have fostered every species of parrot. Okay, never a Black Palm Too, or greater...