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pin feather

  1. BabyBirdMa

    Urgent Bleeding pin feather help!

    So I was trying to preen Ms. Bailey using the video tutorials I saw on YouTube. I went to pop a pin feather. I thought it was ready. It was light in color and it started bleeding. It was only a little bit but it still freaked me out. I put a generous amount of kwick stop on it and it seems to...
  2. bird_mama

    Pictures Really bad molt?

    How to I get rid of them? Is it her diet? She REFUSES to let me near them, so helping her isn’t an option. :bignono:I just don’t want her to possibly be uncomfortable...
  3. ConureMom95

    Preening and Pin feathers help!

    Recently adopted a rescue African Grey. It’s been a lot of work but I’ve finally gotten him to trust me enough to cuddle and give scratches. The problem now is the absurd amount of pin feathers on his head and neck! It’s been awhile since he’s had any body close enough to work on those babies...
  4. cinnamon

    Pictures Blood Feathers on my 5 Month old

    hello! so i’ve had my cockatiel for 3 months now! he is 5 months old and his name is cinnamon. he is molting right now and i was wondering is it okay to pinch off the white end of the pin feather if it’s not done growing? not pinch off the growing part the white part. because his pins are...
  5. Nicole Bred


    Hi! i have my cockatiel who is about 8 months old now, and i think he might be starting to molt, but i’m not sure and i guess i want to be sure that he’s not just hurt some how . these are the best pictures that i could get, but it looks like a random patch that has tons of tiny tiny pin...
  6. LydiaB

    How to Help Eddie Through his Molt?

    Eddie has recently started his big yearly molt. I can see all the little pin feathers on his head and I feel so bad because it looks like its really uncomfortable. I really want to help him, but I'm not sure how besides giving him access to baths frequently. Any other tips to help him have a...
  7. Atomiklan

    Pictures Head feathers

    Need some tips. So Lada is one of those weird eckies that scratches and loses her feathers on top of head all the time. Dont worry about that in this picture, vet says shes fine and its a rare thing with them. That's not the question, but it is related. She is growing them back in as you can...
  8. music2music

    Always having pin feathers?

    My parakeet has always seemed to have at least a few pin feathers on his head since the first time he molted. Are these just stubborn and not falling out or is it because he doesn't like me rubbing his face and helping them come off? Or maybe it's because he hasn't cared for the fruits or...
  9. Whoviana

    When is a GCC's first molt?

    Sunflower is just over three months old and we have noticed a couple pin feathers on her head. She has also been shedding down feathers (we call them floofles). Not a lot, just a few here and there. The floofle shedding started on the first day of summer, which made sense. When should we expect...