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  1. S.Fanska

    Aqua Orange Face

    Just out of curiosity... Thinking out of the box- What would a Blue series lovebird, Aqua look like if it also inherited 1 orange face gene from each parent? What might an Orangefaced Aqua look like? Also- A Green Turquoise? Green series bird with 1 "WF" genes inherited from each parent...
  2. birdmom3693

    Super Aggressive Lovebird Girl

    I am brand new to Avian Avenue, I am desperate looking for some help with my lovebird Eleanor. I apologize for the long post. I have had Eleanor for almost 3 years now. I rescued her from an unfortunate situation where she was used for breeding over and over at the young age of 2. Her previous...
  3. Nightingale

    Baby lovebird mutation??

    My baby peachface lovebird is 4.5 weeks old, but I searched everywhere but cannot find what his mutation is. Can anyone help me? Mother is dutch blue. Father is Green Opaline.
  4. Borncountry419

    What kind is she?

    So I drove 2.5 hours to pick up a supposed Fischers hen. With the lack of an eye ring, I'm now doubting it. She seems too small to be a peach face, though. Also, I didn't think Creamino's had violet on their rump? Thoughts?