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  1. Gernyak

    How to make sprouted millet?

    Hello!I'm here to ask how to make sprouted millet cause I'm experimenting on new treats for my budgies. Comment down below! All the best from Gernyak. :budgieyf: :budgie8:
  2. Bbybleu

    Budgie gently nibbling and going crazy?

    So my budgie does this thing once and a while where he goes on my shoulder and goes crazy. And my crazy I mean he moves his head around under my face and back up to my cheek and gently nibbles my lip. He goes on my collar bone too, and does this. I’m not sure how to explain it well but he just...
  3. Bbybleu


    HELP (Update): bleu (my older budgie I’ve had for a year now) is obsessed with the new young bird I bought. They are both males although I’m not sure the young one is 100% a male. The new young one does not like bleu because bleu is bothering him. Bleu keeps putting his foot on him and giving...
  4. A

    I'm here!!

    Hello everyone, I have been here for a couple of days now, but haven't had time to do this yet. Some of you may already know a bit about me from my thread about a Mixed Species Aviary. I have been keeping birds for a few years now, including budgies, finches, cockatiels, red rumped parakeets...
  5. Crystal&Rosie

    New on Avian Avenue

    hi, I’m new here and I’m a bird owner of 2 parakeets, Crystal and Rosie. I have included a picture of my birds!