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  1. maounm

    Breeding aviary suggestions

    Hello everyone i have a 6 years old tamed male GW and i just got a female GW few days ago about the same age. i am slowly introducing them but the male seems bit aggressive he even bit me (for the 1st time since i have had him) after seeing female. I intend to breed them so i need breeding...
  2. Mili

    Pictures Is my cockatiels wing broken?

    Its been like this for a while. She is okey, she is flying and climbing its just when she sits, one of her wings drop. She seems to be less active than the male cockatiel i have. but she is also about 6 years older than him. Is this normal or should i be concerned? I did go to one Vet, she gave...
  3. Zara

    A modern day birdy love saga

    Will she wait for him? Starting a few weeks ago when Adélie started to spread her wings in her cage whilst gazing at Sydney, it has been a slow journey to love for her. Since then we have had Adélie using her beautiful wings and loud vocals as tools in the hopes of seducing the handsome (and...
  4. Zara

    What a day! My girl is all grown!

    We've had an eventful day, and I don't even mean about the mini mountain of peppers. I have had quite the day with my feathered family. So today, Sydney (my unsexed lone bird) was spreading wings for Jaime, who was happily watching from the top of the cage, while his girlfriend watched from...
  5. accio-birdies

    To pair or not to pair?

    Hibou has been single since I got him almost 2 years ago (in other words; his entire life so far). He has mirrors, toys, and lots of attention to keep him happy. Though, I have been wondering lately, as he's become far more vocal and clingy, would he be happier with a mate? He also gets very...
  6. M

    IRN Pair- Help?

    Hello everyone:) I've been looking everywhere to find adoptable or re-home-able (is that a word?:lol:) birds. I have found an ad on Craigslist, where the person was selling a pair of tame, four month-old IRNs, with their cage and everything. And at a reasonable price :omg: . She's asking 300 for...
  7. ❤ Rosette ❤

    Introducing My Two Parakeets, Sexing, & Taming

    Jewel - A rather flat, lightly-tinted blue cere covered in a tan-esque skin, with a few loose flakes of tan here and there. They're a very standard-patterned budgie with aquamarine blue. Lyra - A quite bulbous, fleshy-colored cere with somewhat pink tones. There is no hint of either brown or...
  8. RedCarpetEclectus

    Pigeon and dove companions?

    I have a male frillback pigeon and want to get him a companion, however there is no where to get another pigeon from near me. Would a handraised ringneck dove be an okay companion? They would be housed in a double macaw cage, which my boy is currently housed in. Would the risks be too great? Or...