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  1. S

    Kakariki rehoming

    Unfortunately, i must rehome my beloved kakariki. i’ve had him for over 4 months and i’m gutted. What’s the best place to give him away because i want to ensure he’s happy and well looked after. Also, will he miss or remember me? i don’t want him to be sad. :( Is it difficult for kakarikis to be...
  2. PippinLovebird

    New 'Tiel Owner

    I got an adorable cockatiel, named Sunny about last week! And I already had/have a lovebird, who is 7 1/2 years old. My cockatiel is 3 months old, still a baby. Any advice?? :tiel2:Sunshine :rflb:Pippin
  3. Miss Annamarie

    Brand New Lovebird Owner, I want all the advice I can get

    On Saturday, I'll be bringing home the love of my life, Poppy, she is a 4 month old female peach faced lovebird. I don't know much, but I've been trying to learn AS MUCH as I can, I have been watching videos and reading articles for HOURS and HOURS a day for weeks. But I want to know...
  4. Atomiklan

    Looking for a specific bird person

    Howdy all, Looking to get some input from those of you that decided to take the plunge (as I am getting ready to do) and get into birds having no prior experience. In other words, I am looking to hear back from those of you that never owned a bird growing up, no one in your family has ever...
  5. Veni

    Ahoy! I'm new.

    Hey, my name is Veni, I'm a minor and I am a small bird enthusiast. While I'd love to have a magnificent cockatoo, I feel comfortable with medium or small birds. I have 3 budgies, 2 of which are mine! They are my babies. The Green one is Dorkus, and he is a cautious male. The Blue one is Binx...
  6. Mango16

    Cockatoo Owner

    Hi, I'm a new umbrella Cockatoo Owner, and I'm looking for advice on some things, My baby is around 12 yrs old. He is a male, we have had him for about 3 months, The first few weeks he done great with my husband and I, he started to having hormonial behaviors, which we put a stop to. He then...