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  1. Popplizzie

    Bird nostril sounds

    Hello, My green cheek Conure started making little noises as if there was something in his nose, there isn’t any discharge and he’s been sneezing every once in a while and he’s never done this before so I’m a little nervous. It’s in the middle of the night here so I can’t contact a vet. He’s...
  2. birdman88

    Is my cockatiel nostrils okay?

    Hi, I'm new here and a new cockatiel owner. We've had this cockatiel for about a month and she is fine, she's eating, drinking, playing etc. But, her right nostril seems clogged up by what looks like boogers. And her feathers just above the nostril are hardernd. Is this normal or should i do...
  3. mlky

    Video Parakeet/Budgie Has Something In His Nose

    hi this is mlky. im here to ask about this booger i saw in my budgies nose. his name is Ipse :pletb: and he is super cute, but im very worried about him. he only has it in one of his nostrils. im going to attempt to take it out somehow (probably by flushing it out/blowing/tweezers), if it's...