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  1. K

    Cockatiel noisy when in big cage, but quiet in small carrier?

    Hi all, I've had a lovely hand-raised female cockatiel for a year and a half now (she's turning 2 in April). Because she started out as our only pet (and no kids yet) we've always kept her in an enormous cage. (It could easily hold 4 cockatiels permanently and still be spacious). She has lots...
  2. shajeeb

    My cockatiel scream/chirping non stop!

    Hi, my 6 months old female cockatiel screams/chirps all day non stop! I have her for 3 months. She is hand tamed and super friendly. No matter what i do she wont stop screaming. I give her plenty of toys, and I rotate them so she wont get bored. But she loses interest on toys very fast. All she...
  3. S


    I live in an apartment and own a pair of lovebirds and from time to time during the day, they will just continue to shriek as loud as they can for like 15 minutes straight, multiple times a day. Not only is it extremely irritating to me and the other people living in my house, but I'm sure the...
  4. PitaLemon

    Lovie with Circovirus but noisy

    Soooo I got my lovie of June last year. Early this year he started losing feathers. I was almost positive he was plucking as I watched him do it. Vets did mite treatment. Seemed to stop plucking and feathers were growing. Then one day I came home and he was bald again. Did the test and he...
  5. Zara

    Video Aldoras ¨¨song¨¨

    :canthear::canthear::canthear: Yes, at 00:42 seconds, that is Lapis copying her mum! :arghh: :backout: Ps, the videos don´t really do the level of noise any justice...:dead:
  6. Zeke&tiki

    Help! Lorikeet doesn't stop screaming!! Tried everything!

    hi guys! I'm a new member and I'm urgently seeking some advice from people who have successfully been able to get their bird to stop screaming. I've spent so much time and money trying to get my little guy to stop screaming and nothing has worked, and I feel like I'm at the crisis point now...
  7. lucian

    Congo African Grey Parrot-Really noisy baby

    Hi, I recently bought a Congo African Grey who's 4 months old. I've had him for about 3 weeks now but during the last week or so he's been making these constant squeaks which are loud and piercing. He does this when he's in his cage, when his walking around the house, climbing his jungle gym...
  8. Adam Duxbury

    Help and advice please

    Hello everyone, Hope all is well? I have a Galah parrot and he's very lovely and loves to be cuddled, fussed and kissed. But as soon as I step out of his sight e.g go to the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom he makes this very high pitched chirp over and over again and won't stop till I put my...