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  1. Bbybleu


    I need help! So I bought my old budgie (who had now been with me for 1 year) a new budgie and he is being aggressive towards me. He is NEVER like this. Me and him have such a strong bond and he never acts like this. Now it’s attacking me and biting me when I come near his new friend. Anyone know...
  2. CosmoKram

    Questions and Queries from a new bird owner.

    Hi! My name is Maggie. Just yesterday I picked up my first bird ever, an 8 week old hand raised suspected male cockatiel named Cosmo. He is absolutely amazing. Even though i have only really had him for a day and a half he is very affectionate and loves being pat. I just have a couple concerns...
  3. Cocokiwi

    Please help

    I’m new to the website, no idea how things work sorry lol. I have a question about two budgies I bought yesterday. They were both still scared when I woke up this morning so I decided to play recordings I found on YouTube and they both seemed to really like it, they were chirping, moving around...
  4. Crystal&Rosie

    New on Avian Avenue

    hi, I’m new here and I’m a bird owner of 2 parakeets, Crystal and Rosie. I have included a picture of my birds!