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  1. startuna

    Update on Kenny!

    My other thread explains everything, Kenny (my 1-year-old cockatiel I got from Petco about a week ago) I finally got his bigger cage and new foraging toys! He hasn't explored his new toys yet but to be fair he is still getting used to his bigger cage. In my last post I mentioned that he wasn't...
  2. startuna

    New cockatiel

    I recently (about 5 days ago) bought a new tiel, his name is Kenny and he’s about 1 year old. Unfortunately I had to get him from petco (there are no cockatiel breeders near me) so I have a lot of taming to do. I have him in a cage right now that’s kind of too small (don’t worry I have a new...
  3. R

    Unsure whether my conure is sick or just settling in

    So I recently brought home a young pearly conure, he is about 8-12 weeks old, hand raised and from a lovely breeder. he has only been here for around a day and im aware that it can take a while for a bird to properly settle in but I’ve noticed some behaviours from him that I’m a bit nervous...
  4. L

    New macaw mom advice

    As of this last weekend I adopted this beautiful blue throated macaw. She is supposedly 19 years old. I am currently her third and hopefully forever home. She is a plucker due to circumstances where she was left outside by her previous owners and mites got to her. I currently have some aloe vera...
  5. KiwiPo

    Needy Bird Please Help

    Today is his second day home. At the store he was hand fed and handled and was not scared of us. Yesterday, he immediately started playing with his toys, ate his seeds( we r planning on feeding him pellets but r going to wait on that) and even tried some eggs, killer Dave bread, and lemon...
  6. L

    Tips on new lovebird (please help)

    Hi, I adopted a female masked lovebird 2 weeks ago. She is 3 months old and so far very unfriendly; the few times I've tried to approach her she runs away or tries to bite me. I decided to give her a while to adjust to a new setting before attempting anything further. She is also very loud and...