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nail trim

  1. B

    Lovebird nail length: is this overgrown?

    My bird has been standing at the bottom of the cage recently and I’m worried it’s because his nails are overgrown…
  2. JulietRose

    Nail cutting?

    Hey! I’ve noticed my quakers nails need trimming and was wondering the best way to go about it? Should I take him to a vet/pet store to get them trimmed, or would one of those pedi-perches with the smooth top (so it doesn’t hurt his feet) work? I’ve never had to get nails cut before because...
  3. KJsChicken

    Nail clipping help

    Hi! I'm a first time bird owner, had my rescue cockatiel for about 3 months (I was told she was around 2). We've had very little problems. Her nails aren't too bad right now, but I'd like to train/get ahead of the game when it comes to nail trimming. I don't feel like taking her to the vet for...
  4. D

    Alternatives to cut lovebird nails

    Hi, I’m new here and to owning birds. I do apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong forum, Im still navigating this website. I have 2 lovebirds that I got last year, I have never had pet birds. Their nails are growing too long and I want to shorten it but the problem is, they are scared...
  5. StarTrick

    Avian Vet Won't Cut Eclectus' Nails

    Hello once again everyone! My eclectus is in desperate need of a nail trim, but I've been putting it off for so long. When we first got him, we took him into the only one within a 3 hour drive and our avian vet was very lovely and had loads of experience. We got him to do a full health check...
  6. N

    Nail trim help?

    My tiel, who is around 6 months old now, is in need of a nail trim. The issue is, the vets around me do not do bird nails, and he refuses to let anyone near his feet. I heard an apple tree branch as a a perch can take off the sharp tips? I was also thinking of ordering a nail filing perch? he...
  7. winnieirn

    My poor little baby

    I decided to call this very nice lady that goes to your house and grooms your birdies because Winnie hasn’t been groomed for a while and I only used to do nails but now I did beak too because his was way too sharp. Of course I didn’t touch my baby’s wings because I love seeing him fly :heart...
  8. LydiaB

    Trouble Trimming Eddie's Nails

    Trying to trim my Quaker parrot, Eddie's nails has been an absolute nightmare. I'm fine taking him to a professional, but I'd rather do it at home since its much cheaper. I bought some quickstop and nail clippers, hoping to try it for myself. I'd already trimmed a few bird's nails at the bird...