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  1. E

    What mutation is this?!

    Hi everyone, this is my first post I signed up to this forum as yesterday I acquired a female gcc to pair up with my pineapple male, but for the life of me I cant figure out this mutation? Shes 4 years old so adult plumage and has red eyes. I cant find a picture anywhere online that looks like...
  2. H

    Black mask lovebird mutation questions!

    Hello! I’ve got a pair of black mask lovebirds who have raised 3 little babies who all turned out the same color. I believe dad is a dark factor blue but thinking he’s a violet factor now. Mom is a parblue violet and potentially dark factor. Do you guys know what they are for sure? Picture of...
  3. Dandelion

    Which mutations do you think this little guy has?

    I think he's a pastel face, but he also looks quite a bit lighter than a normal grey. I thought it was kind of funny that only two of the feathers on his body are yellow, and they're both under his tale
  4. M

    GCC splits without history

    I have 3 GCC conures, my 2 hens are yellow sided and pineapple visually, my male is professed to be a "dilute pineapple" is there a test, something observable to determine what they are split for if there are splits? My yellow sided female appears to have turquoise that peaks through around her...
  5. Raulavila

    Can anyone identify this mutation.

    My lovebirds latest clutch turned out this beauty and I'm kind of wondering what all of you think she is mutation wise?
  6. biancalisi

    Help with identifying conure mutation.

    Hello, I am new on this forum so please direct me if I'm posting in the wrong area. Anyway. I purchased a Turquoise gc recently from a breeder in Miami FL, at Linvilles Aviary. I chose a turquoise but with the weekly pictures I am being sent its starting to look like a standard gc. (They...
  7. T

    New amateur breeder Green-Cheeked Conure ( sorry for my english )

    Good morning from Greece ! My name is Thomas and yesterday morning i saw hatched 2 from 4 eggs. I have a coulple of Green-Cheeked conure from November 2017, from Italy exhibition ( Reggio Emillia ) Male Pinaepple borned 4/2017 and Female Cinnamon Blue(turquoise) borned 2/2017 I attach photos...
  8. T

    Hello from Greece !!!

    My name is Thomas Komninos and i am 37 y.o. At November 2017 a friend bring me a couple Green Cheek Conure from Italy exhibition. Male pinapple and female cinnamon ( i don't know if there are any splits tell me if i make mistake to colours ) Was in bad contition. After 1 year ( April 2019 ) make...
  9. malibu


    I was wondering what mutation do you think my lovie is? I was pretty sure she was a creamino but she now has a bit of a light peach colour between her eyes but not enough that she is an australian cinnamon. Im not sure what the parents were since when I picked her up her and her siblings were in...
  10. Lovebird27

    What mutation is this lovebird?

    What mutation is this?
  11. Lovebird27

    Is this an Edge mutation?

    I have doubts on this mutation as well. I thinks its a Dominant Edge SF. What do you all think?
  12. Aramzzzz

    Pictures Budgie mutations?

    What mutation does budgie have? How old is he?
  13. Marina Engan

    I need some advice... please :-)

    Hi everybody! I have a question considering mutations. I have a few WFL males and I am going to buy some girls for them. What mutation should I buy when I want to get White Faced Pearl Pied or White Faced Pied? I am starting to learn genetics, but this one I can't figure out. My WFL are solid...
  14. M

    Albino Dutch blue?

    New member here.. My Dutch blue peachfaced pair had one chick that is yellow/white with red eyes.. Is he or she an albino or Lutino? How common is this occurrence? Thanks!