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  1. S

    Lemon essential oil

    I have a two-year-old green cheek and a mouse has taken up residence in our house. I have tried three different traps and several different baits and have yet to catch this mouse. I've come across several posts that lemon essential oil is a good repellant. It suggests mixing a few drops in...
  2. Summzz

    Parrot Might of Come in Contact with Mouse Droppings! What should I do/look out for.

    Hi everyone. I even hate writing this. We had a small mouse get into our house and sadly I saw it going into my bird's room a few days ago. I laid out humane traps, cleaned, moved anything that it could hide in but nothing caught it. Just now I was cleaning their cages and I saw mouse droppings...
  3. Tari&Miguel

    Mouse in cockatiel cage

    There are mice in my apartment I feel like I’m cleaning constantly and setting traps and seeing them run around. I cannot seem to figure out a way to live with birds and not have mice.
  4. hrafn

    Video Soooo...I guess I have pet mice now?

    Just got an order of mice in for the new noodle, since I only had two left, and when I opened the box to start piling them in the freezer, I found three live mice in the mix! They're still young, about a quarter the size of a fully grown mouse, and SO cute. Certainly pet quality. I've grown...
  5. hrafn

    Pictures Aaand we're back up to 14

    I have no self control. This adorable little fella and his brother were offered up for free on Kijiji after their owner had a hard time finding them new homes. I've always loved mice, and have had several several throughout my life; I really just couldn't say no. As usual. :swoon: I...