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  1. B

    My female is a terrible flyer

    Hello everyone New to the forum and a relatively new budgie owner. A bit of background. I live above a very active bike shop, one day passing I heard the noise of parrots. I stopped (being a super animal lover) and I saw 2 little beings in a cage SO SMALL I lost my mind. The 2 guys that run the...
  2. S

    feather loss

    my kakariki has been loosing quite a bit of his small feathers from his body. this has happened before and he went back to normal however, i’m still concerned. is it normal for kakarikis to moult? he plucked one of his back tails but the small feathers fall naturally when he flies. do the...
  3. qiaolintan

    Food intake during moulting?

    My budgie is going through a moult right now, and I was wondering if I should keep her diet the same or increase it? Right now, she gets 1.5 teaspoons of seed, around a teaspoon of spray millet, veggies for breakfast and dinner, and there's always Roudybush pellets available in her cage. Should...
  4. Zara

    Pictures EEeeep! It´s starting!

    She´s started her moult!!! I was cleaning up around the cages and found two rump feathers at the back in between Jaime / Aldora and Adélies cage. They are not from the parents, and they are floofy as heck! They can only belong to little princess Adélie! So exciting! She is going to be a...
  5. Nejbirb

    First moult

    Hi guys, So after having Toki and Pickles for a while now, I think they've just started their first moult. Toki in particular is losing feathers at an alarming rate, though there are no bald patches, and I'm worried they may have mites. Call me paranoid (and I may well be) but I've never had a...