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molting season

  1. K


    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if this amount of feathers was normal when green cheek conures are going through a molt? I just recently took him (kiwi) to the vet and she had said he is definitely going to be molting, and he is 8 months old now, I just want to make sure that this is a normal...
  2. C

    It’s that time of year

    It’s molting time… her best feather too
  3. katm89

    Feather Up Supplement

    Hi all! I was wondering if any of you have tried this supplement for feather regrowth and molting support. I have used it for a couple years and have had good success supporting my conure through his molt. My avian vet recently recommended stopping it and only giving vetomega oil, but my birds...
  4. katm89

    Seasonal plucker, bad molt or low humidity?

    Hi everyone, I have a hybrid Jenday/Nanday conure who for the last 3-4 years has been going through what I assumed was a bad molt. Starts around September/October and goes sometimes through April. Then his new feathers come in and he’s a happy bird through summer. We moved from Louisiana to...
  5. Angela_2

    Big molt of IRN

    Hello everyone. Few weeks ago i noticed black feathers near Tweety's beak. He's growing his balck ring now but I'm concerned about his feathers overall. He's molting and has no tail now, i provide him a variety of vegetables and fruits besides Tropical pellet. I think he's getting his big boy...
  6. conureluv

    When will flight feathers grow in?

    When I bought my green cheek conure from the breeder, he was clipped. He started his molt about 3-5 months ago (he’s 10 months old) and has shedded three or four tail feathers and head, chest and backside of the wing feathers as well. When do you think he will molt out his clipped wings?
  7. arayabd

    A Little Worried about my Canary

    Hello all! I hope everyone's doing well! I'm a little worried about my canary, Pablo. Within the last week she's (i'm assuming) has become a very quiet. She's not singing as much or hopping around as much. She usually is usually sitting and resting on her perch, often just bobbing her tale...