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  1. DClark

    Yellowhead Amazon molting question

    Hi , I recently purchased a DYH from a breeder (Loki). He is around 7 months old and has recently started to lose a decent amount of feathers over the last 2 weeks. He is on a pellet diet and gets daily fruits , veggies , ect. Just noticing a little bit of patchy-ness and wanted to make sure...
  2. TBOWMAN006


    My almost 7 month old cockatiel is preening a ton. He has a little white bald spot with little feathers under his left wing. There's little half inch tiny feathers everywhere. After each time he's done preening he shakes and a bunch of the tiny feathers come off. Theres also 1 about 2 inch...
  3. J

    Conure plucking or molting?

    Conure has developed white fluff on his belly not sure if its him plucking or part of a molt. He gets kale/cilantro blueberries carrots in the morning occasionally strawberries and other fruits/veg, then harrisons pellets during the day. He recently turned 1. Pictures below