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millet spray

  1. M

    5 month old Parrotlet choking on Millet

    Last night I was giving my untamed Parrotlet, Rango, some millet through the bars. I do this each day and he's usually fine but this time while he was eating it he paused and had a very weird expression on his face, he was trying to act normal but started gagging (?) and making small cough...
  2. B

    Help! How do I get him back in his cage?

    So my new cockatiel, Theo, is about 4 months old, I've had him for a little over 2 weeks now. He's finally chirping more often and everytime he talks my heart seems to grow bigger! I love him so much, but I can't really tell if he loves me back... probably not lol! I can get him to step up if I...
  3. Bella

    Lovebird not taking to new foods

    Hi, I recently got my first bird two weeks ago (a lovebird of about 8 weeks old) and he used to seem pretty happy. That was until two days ago when we had to switch him from his old seed mix onto new ones because the old seed mix the breeder had left him was starting to run out. He didn’t take...
  4. D

    How to get my tiel to eat vegies.

    Hey guys! So, i posted about 2 weeks ago, I got a fairly young, 5months old cockatiel. He started to take the millet from my hand, and not panicking anymore, which is nice. Thing is, he only eats the millet from his seed mix, not even the sunflower seeds. I tried many times, many different...
  5. Dr. Budgie

    How much millet should you give a budgie?

    How much Millet should I give my budgie? I'v been feeding him off and on the same spray for a couple of hours, I just gave him a final piece. Also I wondered if I should give him it once a week or everyday?
  6. Dr. Budgie

    Can humans eat Millet Spray?

    I just came up with this question a moment ago while feeding my budgie millet, the title says it all, also this is a question. " Can Humans Eat Millet Spray "
  7. CagedStardust

    Not Love At First Millet??? (Pretty Daisy)

    Hello again! I managed to buy Daisy some stalks of millet spray! I understand this should be more of a reward for training and it shouldn't be given to cockatiels often. I made sure that there aren't any bugs when I got it, then I tried to feed Daisy the seeds that fell from the millet. She...