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  1. JunoTheIRN

    Most expensive thing your birds destroyed

    What’s the most damage, wallet or physically, that your bird has done? I know some tend to be quite the troublemakers :lol:
  2. flyzipper

    Bird mess photos (Warning ~ Graphic)

    Inspired by this thread and today's clean-up before welcoming a visitor, I thought the topic of messes deserved its own thread in the spirit of this other thing. I hope it serves as a space to commiserate with our fellow bird guardians, see some lovely birds and their messes, and perhaps learn...
  3. Xoetix

    How to clean up after hand feeding? Worse than an infant!

    My new little nerd (can’t figure out a name! Please offer suggestions ) is nearly weaned - he’s eating formula twice a day and nibbling on food-food otherwise. But good heavens, the MESS after feeding. How do y’all clean your babies? I’ve tried using a paper towel, and a damp paper towel, and...
  4. flyzipper

    Head-shake anti-mess-iffier (ideas for containing food-related mess)

    I debated putting this image in one of the funnies threads, but it ended up here -- hoping it might stimulate some ideas for containing food-related mess. Currently I just hold a large inventory of paper towel, but have been thinking about building a stainless steel feeding station using...
  5. Hobgoblin

    Mediating the mess

    So this might be a foolish question but here it goes… How do you experienced owners keep the house clean? We have a 7 month old conure who loves to play in and outside of his cage. We have a relatively small open concept house which means he does all of his living where we do too. I’m not...
  6. F

    How to manage mess from chop/vegetables better?

    Hi! Fluffy is my first bird and I read up a lot on it, but one question I cannot find the answer to is how to keep the mess manageable. To give some context I live in a small apartment (So no power washers etc) and I don’t want to keep fluffy caged up all day so she only goes into her cage at...
  7. Brenifer

    Advice Appriciated! :D

    Hi! My new budgie, Hane (ha-nae) is a very messy eater. I keep him in my bedroom which is carpeted and now it is covered in bird food. I would like to vacuum up the mess he makes... except that he's terrified of the vacuum. I would move him out of the room prior to cleaning but I'm worried that...
  8. babyblue35

    Easiest ways to stay on top of poopy messes around play areas.

    Hi Bird lovers!! I was just wondering how everyone stays on top of the bird poop issue. I've tried laying down papers but when Blu flaps his wings, they float around the room and don't stay put. I also have a Great Dane who loves to get under his tree and "forage" through all of Blu's food...