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male or female? gender confusion

  1. N

    Males or male and female?

    Hi, we got these 2 canaries last year in May (2020) and we were told that they are 3-4 months and that they are a male and a female. So we named them Mira (female) - the brown one and a bit smaller and Seb (male) - the yellow one. They are a bit older than a year now and we still cannot tell if...
  2. Lucario223

    Confused about lovebird gender

    A few months back I decided to get my 6+ year old male peachfaced lovebird a female partner from a local breeder. After a while she started to show signs of attraction and eventually a very puzzling mating behaviour which made me question her gender. I'm very confused because as you can see in...
  3. Cinnamon86

    New flock member. Male or female?

    Hello! We would like to add a new parrot to our family, so I was shopping for something else BUT they had this poor baby all alone and broke my heart :( I dont feel that is is right to keep parrots alone without toys and in such small cages :( Id like to know if it is a male or a female before...
  4. merlin&co

    what is the gender of my budgie?!

    I've been on this case since I got him. I wasn't exactly certain of my budgies, gender until quite recently when his cere started to become slightly crusty and light brownish/tan around the corners. Yes, I also realise that females begin to get this crusty/brown cere when they have matured! But...
  5. D

    Good Grief Whats Going On??!

    I need input please...i have an all white cockatiel named Paulina that is definitely a female. Im not sure of her age. After I got her I bought a Lutino for company. The Lutino ..Lucille. .was young and shy. They are both in a very large flight cage and have the best of everything. As Lucille...