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  1. maounm

    Branches for greenwings

    Hi what tree branches particularly found in south east asia are good for a breeding pair of greenwings?
  2. maounm

    Breeding aviary suggestions

    Hello everyone i have a 6 years old tamed male GW and i just got a female GW few days ago about the same age. i am slowly introducing them but the male seems bit aggressive he even bit me (for the 1st time since i have had him) after seeing female. I intend to breed them so i need breeding...
  3. maounm

    4 year old GW

    I just got a 4 year old GW macaw. He dosent step up and lunges at me its his first day. He was very friendly to his previous owner and comes from a good home. Any tips to bond with him?
  4. J

    Hand feeding macaws

    Hi everyone. I am currently hand feeding two babies macaws. They are 3 weeks old going to 4. How often should I feed them? They are healthy and energetic. Used to gain around 10% body weight daily but now it’s about 5. Is that normal? Please help
  5. BirdLady13

    Cage Liners

    Until today I had always used newspaper, aside from a couple of times I had to use paper towels, to line the bird cage trays at home and at the bird shop. Today I switched to pre-cut white cage liners (hypoallergenic waxed paper). There is a grate, so neither bird can reach the tray liner. These...
  6. T

    Macaw issue

    Hi my name is Tiffany and I was wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I'm going through with my scarlet Macaw . I have gotten both her and a blue/gold macaw together as a surprise present , of course I myself didn't really know how to care for one and so I researched and etc. the macaws...
  7. Sweet Louise

    supplements for a hormonal macaw

    My friend has a b/g macaw who is becoming hormonal. We have read the articles which are very good. I thought I had read in a thread long ago that there is a natural supplement that helps with hormonal birds. Is there such a thing? thank you.
  8. A

    Lamenent or Refinish hardwoods or ...?

    I'm updating 83 year old but tiny home. I was going to install Allure Travel Master "vinyl" planks until I googled 'hazard vinyl floor' and discovered toxic chemicals in Allure vinyl and the glue used created MANY health issues in people and dogs and cats. Linoleum is not vinyl and is made of...