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  1. HelenVanessaDavies

    Meet Custard

    Hi everyone, Some of you might recognise my user name from quite a while back. I've had a few traumatic years with my flock hence why no posts however I have been lurking and liking posts. I'm finally feeling brave enough to post about my current flock so I thought I would start by...
  2. D

    Lovebird Mutation Identification

    Hi All I need help in identifying the correct mutations of my six lovebirds. When I bought them I was told they were all Dutch Blue. I never thought otherwise until on pair rectently produced a lutino. I then went on a search for the reason for this. To my findings I discovered that they are...
  3. Beki lou

    Scaly face ino

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone would know how long it should be until I see a result from the treatment my ino hen if having for scaly face. I’ve done the whole flock but she’s obviously effected worst. Looks like a raised scar on her eye bless her. Just wondering when I should see some...
  4. Lightning57

    What Encourages Egg Laying

    I've had two cockatiel hens in the past that laid eggs. Each time this happened we only had the one bird. There were no other birds in the house. The first only laid a few, but the second got to where she laid quite often. I would remove them, but she still seemed to be moody and became more...
  5. Roby

    Lutino gender

    Hi guys, I suspect i have a male lutino. It has white iris, silver white patches under the eyes, pink legs, orange beak and whitish ceres (a little yellow on it or very pale skin colour) The bird colour is pale yellow with white tail. I hope I have successfully uploaded the picture. What do...
  6. Alexi

    New (very frightened) family member!

    :greet14:My fiance and I had decided at the beginning of the year that we definitely wanted to get another cockatiel. We decided to adopt an older rescue bird instead of getting a new baby but after months of calling local rescues with no luck we almost opted to head back to our breeder...But...
  7. I

    Sexing Lutino Budgies

    Hi, I recently bought a Lutino budgie. Can anyone please tell me what is the sex of this lutino budgie. I want to bring a partner for this budgie as soon as possible. I think its male as the cere looks light pink but I want to be sure.
  8. L

    Help please! Limp cockatiel

    Hey i'm new to this so I hope i'm posting in the correct area! Lutino Male 7 years Super Tame My cockatiel has been completely fine, he was completely fine in the morning before i went to work and when i came back he was at the bottom of his cage! Both of his legs just do not move properly...
  9. mallory

    A Few Questions From A New Lennie Owner

    I've recently acquired a lutino lennie this past week and even with extensive research about the breed, I've found myself still asking questions. 1) Suki (my lennie) has adjusted to her new home quite well, however she doesn't seem interested in any of the toys in her cage and rarely even...