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lovebird baby

  1. Xtine

    Young Lovebird Behaviour

    Hello! First-time lovebird owner here and this is my lovebird -- Houdini/Fluffy. He/She was handraised and is about four months old. I've noticed he's started doing this random move and I'm not sure why! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QM0ThAolCwdKoUEQGJWQLYO-_UoObkeE/view?usp=sharing As seen...
  2. Ruby

    What does this poop mean?

    Last week, I got a baby lovebird, the owner told me she might be around 6 weeks. This is my precious baby, her name is lapis. She refused the formula when i got her home, and when I introduced seeds she immediatly ate some. I tried getting her to eat formula as she was still in need of their...
  3. P

    lovebird age + weaning plan

    hi all i have had my baby peachface for about a week (got him july 25) and was hoping to get some help on his age. so i was told he hatched on july first, meaning i got him at about 3.5 weeks old and he would currently be 4.5 weeks old. however compared to other's lovebird baby progress photos...