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  1. Summzz

    My little baby girl and best friend has passed, I need advice on how to help my other baby through it.

    I honestly thought I would never be posting this/ asking about this soon. I lost my 12-year-old baby girl on the 7th and I'm super distraught. I had gotten sick at the beginning of February and sadly wasn't able to take care of my babies for three days. My mom was looking after them (she knows...
  2. FinchORI

    Cookie is at the rainbow bridge

    My dear sweet Cookie was put down today due to a large tumor. I miss her already. It’s so sad and hard. She was such a special little potato. She will be with me in my heart forever. Here’s a drawing of her that my friend did.
  3. E

    Sun conure passing away

    My precious sun conure, Rio passed away in their sleep last night. They just turned 1 a month ago and we never got to get a DNA test for them. Rio was always different compared to my other sun conure, Sonny. They were always wobbling and falling, never stable. We took them to the vet so many...
  4. SamanthaAV

    Coping with Loss Together

    It's been 3 weeks since Xyla passed away. We had a necropsy done but it was hard to get her body to the vet quickly because I was doing every hour feedings for the baby that hatched on the same day that she died. Unfortunately there were no conclusive results. We have been watching her mate...
  5. M

    Feeling sadness and guilt. Looking for thoughts.

    *Long read-thankful for any advice* Four weeks ago my life was changed when I brought home my baby conure Billie. Two days ago it changed again when she passed away. She was just four months old, and my heart is broken to pieces. Our little family was me, my boyfriend, and Billie.. who we had...
  6. MeinRabe

    I need advice after the loss of my PBFD+ bird

    Hello everyone. Wasn't sure where to put this. I don't want to make this a long post, for fear that no one will read it. I also want to make it somewhat anonymous, so please don't try to dig up my past posts, since I plan on discussing personal topics. Forewarning: This post discusses a bird's...