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  1. Alicia B

    Hello all!

    Hello all, I am new here and have recently started looking after three birds, a cockatiel (Bud) who is around 13, and two outside aviary rainbow lorikeets who have no names. All of the birds were rather neglected, and upon seeing their condition and treatment, have pretty much taken over...
  2. N

    Housing two lorikeets together

    hi everyone :) I currently own a young musk lorikeet. As I’m not home a lot of the time, I’m thinking of getting another lorikeet so it’ll have a friend, but I’m not able to get another cage sO is it ok to house two lorikeets together ? I have some smaller cages that I’ll use to introduce the...
  3. J

    Cages/Aviaries for Lorikeets

    What is the ideal housing for a Lorikeet? I'm looking at a cage which is 140cm high, 60cm deep, 95cm wide. Will my Lori be happy in there? He'll get flying time inside every day.
  4. B

    Lorikeet addicted to my doves seeds...how do I fix this?

    my rainbow lorikeet sneaked into my doves cage and started eating his seeds. Now he think about nothing but those seeds. Every time I take him out of my cage he wants to leave my room and eat the seeds my dove drops all over the floor. He doesn't want to play with me anymore and 'playing' with...

    The real "angry birds"

    Hi all ☺ I have a pair of lorikeets who have managed to pop out an egg which I have since hand raised. In the last 6 months or so the pair have been getting more and more agressive towards myself and my family. They do still have the nesting box as it is winter and freezing cold at night so...
  6. Daema

    Nekton-Lori Diet

    Does anyone know anything about the Nekton-Lori nectar diet? I read nothing but good things, but the woman I got Maui from had some concerns about it, something about glucose? However, Nekton-Lori instructions say it is a complete diet for lorikeets and can provide all nutrients needed as a...