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looking for

  1. papaya13

    FINALLY Ready to Adopt… LF a Jardine’s!

    After years of patience and admiration from a distance, I’m finally prepared to start a relationship with a bird of my own! …that is, if I can find one. I have my heart set on a Jardine’s, but it seems like there are none to be found. I have any new poicephalus postings drop listed on...
  2. bird_mama

    Cardboard tubes?

    Hello! Does anyone have an idea where I can get bird safe cardboard/paper tubes? I just found out my African Grey loves them when I put one (glue free of course) in his cage. I’ve tried looking but I just want one that’s bird safe please! Thank you :•)
  3. K

    Looking for a Vision L01 Cage

    Hello, I have 3 budgies and recently bought them the medium wide vision cage. However, I think it is too small and that the large would be the best. However, for some reason the large is almost double the price. Is anyone looking to sell a wide large size vision cage? Must be in good condition...
  4. S

    Looking to Adopt

    Hello! New here, and I'm not entirely sure where I'd post something like this. If the thread should be elsewhere, please let me know. <3 I've been thinking about getting a bird for a while now, and after doing some research I think either a cockatiel or a conure would be best suited for me...