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  1. Melophile

    How do I help my new lovebirds sleep?

    So, I have two female lovebirds. They're a year and a half old, already bonded. I just got them yesterday, and I've been reading a bit about their light sensitivity. There are a lot of contradicting statements about helping them sleep — some said to put a sheet over their cage, while others said...
  2. Grace_F

    Pictures Lighting

    My Green Cheek Conure’s room doesn’t get as much light as I would like. I’m thinking about adding some kind of supplemental Lighting, because I feel that it would improve his mood and appetite/general wellbeing. Avian specific lights might be good? I’m thinking of angling it so it kind of hovers...
  3. M

    UV light suggestions

    Hello, So I inherited my sisters 25 year old yellow head Amazon. I’m doing my best to keep him healthy. I live in a one bedroom apartment that doesn’t get the light Papo needs for his vitamin D. I’ve been researching and found that lots of Vets and parronts recommend Avian UV lighting. Some can...
  4. LoveToki

    General lighting in the house too dark? Color changing LEDs bad?

    I have another question, hopefully with time I will have less! So I keep my house generally dark. Daytime I let the sun shine, but once the sun goes down, I usually keep it pretty dark, with a few color changing LEDs and the light from the TV. Now I'm wondering, is this too dark for Moki...
  5. HappyWings

    UVB light in closet advice?

    I live in an apartment with two roommates who are out for most of the day, most days of the week. I on the other hand, spend most of the day, most days of the week, at home by myself. Even when my roommates are studying at home, they like to wear noise-cancelling headphones. For this reason, I...
  6. O

    Best D3 Supplement?

    Hi all! A quick question for you: it seems that egg is a good source of D3 for birds, but are there any other good ways to supplement that you guys would recommend? Tried-and-true products/foods? I'm looking for a nice, balanced way to give my sennie a D3 boost for the winter months. I'm...
  7. J

    Help with lighting!

    Hi guys, first post here, anyway i'm getting a new baby in 3 days and I wanted to get an avian light for him because as far as I know they're important, problem is I can't find any for sale near me, none of the bird specialist shops i've found have them and none of the lights on amazon ship...