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  1. Skyandkiwi

    Is this “moulting & conditioning” formula any good?

    Hello! So I went to my local pet store today and found this moulting and conditioning formula by kaytee (see attached photo). My own two budgies are moulting so I am wondering if this is safe or if anyone uses the same thing. I searched up the ingredients and attched it to this thread. I am...
  2. R

    Crop Problems

    Hello, I am currently having issues with cockatiel chicks crops not completely emptying. This is my second clutch of cockatiels I am handfeeding the first ones had similar problems but I would just give them some extra thin formula mostly made out of Pedialyte and wait for them to drain ( it...
  3. C

    With all the food drama what do you choose

    With the different companies responses to the Birds and Beak rescue deaths and the fb thread with a common line of Zupreem Fruit Blend (which I feed) in the other mentioned bird deaths it has me looking into other food sources then just Zupreem for my pellets. I’m talking only pellets here. I...