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  1. P

    Feather disease unknown

    So my lovebird (make) Lanana for the past month now has had feather plucking problem. It’s important to note he’s about 9 years old and lives with a female named Papple who is 10 lanana has picked his rump bald and also under his wings. He’s very itchy but no change in playfulness or eating...
  2. P

    911 Bleeding... Again

    This happened before about a year ago, if I had to guess around the same time as now, after my canary's molt (stopped seeing loose tail feathers in/around his cage). What happened was he bites his back, but he doesn't know when to stop and it got to the point where he started bleeding a...
  3. Avery Birb

    Green Cheek Conure Sudden Behavior Change

    Hey guys. I have an almost 2 year old Green Cheek Conure that I got from my job back last April. She's had her first molt and grew in her full flight feathers and stuff already which I read they do around 6 months old. She's always been a crazy bird.. screaming her head off and repeating her...