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  1. Ch4pl3

    New user, long time bird lover.

    Hello friends! I'm Chaple or Ch4pl3, I've owned birds since I was around eight and a half. My most current birds (budgies) are named Chancey and Starlet, both are beautiful greens and yellows. While I enjoy training dogs and handling birds as a hobby and relaxing activity, my heart lays in a...
  2. Tapew0rrm

    I never did an intro!!! O:

    A bit rude of me, haha. I'm Camille! I'm FtM, but pretty much welcome any pronouns (that aren't she/her.) I have Autism and BPD which makes stuff..a little hard. But I would like to think I'm mentally the best I have been in my life at the minute :) I'm 24, and from the UK! :D I love to...
  3. JJ_is_Not

    Heyo~ I'm JJ!

    Hello~ I'm JJ, as the title says. My partner and I have been very slowly redecorating our home, we haven't painted since we got our Dove, Azzy, but we're planning to soon, and that's how I found this place. I was looking for some advice on painting, and have decided to get some ECOS and wait...
  4. Saffronic


    So hi! I'm new here, and I ran into this place by absolute accident because I was researching if a Tiel and a Lovebird could be friends or not since I am in the tentative market for a second birdie. And so I decided to join because why not, this seems like a very nice place with a lot of...
  5. D

    Loving Feeling Welcomed!

    I happened upon this forum while researching details concerning my recently adopted little parrotlets, a (married) pair of plain peachy -faced lovebirds, Lovey(m) & Donut(f). They were my ex-wife's little babies, but she often has trouble caring for herself so I took them under my wing in Fall...
  6. B

    Introduction! (Yay!)^^

    Hello! I'm Birb, and I just joined because I am thinking about getting a couple of budgies and a cockatiel! However, I have never had birds before, and have a lot of questions. I want to be thorough before buying any so they don't get accidentally hurt or re-homed because I can't take care of...
  7. Veni

    Ahoy! I'm new.

    Hey, my name is Veni, I'm a minor and I am a small bird enthusiast. While I'd love to have a magnificent cockatoo, I feel comfortable with medium or small birds. I have 3 budgies, 2 of which are mine! They are my babies. The Green one is Dorkus, and he is a cautious male. The Blue one is Binx...