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  1. ZY28

    Is the remaining sawdust and dead insect in perches after baking harmful?

    So, I just went out a pickup some mapple branches to make natural perches. I had to get the bark of since some mapple's bark is toxic to birds. By doing so, I saw some tunnels filled with sawdust. I saw on line that by washing, soaking and then baking the branches will kill anything alive and...
  2. BabyBirdMa

    Are House Spiders Dangerous To Birds.

    I saw a small, black house-spider on my ceiling and this just occurred to me. I don’t want to hurt the spider in any way nor to I really want to attempt to remove him since I’m scared he’ll jump on me plus he’s too high to reach. Is he a threat if he bites one of my birds. If one of my birds...
  3. Zoepr143

    Pictures Identifying a wasp/bee nest

    Hi! I know this is off topic but I love this community and would rather post this here than any other forum :grouphug2: Not too long ago my parents decided to renovate their bedroom. When they had to tear part of the wall open to place their new insulation they discovered this: It was...
  4. Bambi

    So my toucan ate a moth...

    Poe, my ace pilot of a curl crested aracari toucanet, caught and ate a moth last night. It was medium sized (about half the length of my pinky, definitely not a pantry moth) and he's been acting normal ever since. Should I be concerned or just impressed?