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injured foot

  1. M

    Urgent Hurt toes

    A few days ago I checked on my bird and noticed blood in its cage and found that most of its nail on 2 toes (same foot) are almost completely gone and I had quick stop for the bleeding but now I’m not quite sure what to do. Please give advice on what to do next (currently my bird is not bleeding...
  2. cinnamon

    Urgent swollen ankle on cocktaiel

    my cockatiel is 7 months old. i had to pull a blood feather out yesterday because it was bleeding and i think when i was holding him in the towel he might of twisted his ankle. so i brought him into the vet and he noticed he lost 6 grams so he got put on vitamins and new food. but he says the...
  3. Ashenghoull

    Urgent Injured foot?

    Rain is a 3-4 year old conure. I just realized that he is not putting pressure on his foot and when I looked closer there was dark reddish spots all over his foot. Like I said, he is not wanting to put any pressure on it and it holding up. He seems to be also struggling to climb with it. He...