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hurt wing

  1. BasilBird

    Somethings wrong with by zebra finch's wing

    So this morning I went to check on our zebra finches, and our one female was hopping on the floor with her wing held strangely. She can't fly, although she tries. What is wrong, and what can we do to help? When we started our walk in cage, we agreed that we won't be able to take all the injured...
  2. redrose27

    HELP BUDGIE INJURED (sad update #7)

    2 days ago kony 12 years old flew into a window and had a bad fall i didnt think much of it because she was fine afterward but today she was flying lop sided, and seemed to be limping, now a few hours later her condition us worse shes wheezing, peeing not pooping, and can barely stay on the...
  3. J

    911 Hurt my rosella accidentally kicked her while she was walking around

    I hurt my little birdie by accident. She attacked my toes and I accidentally kicked her off I’m taking her to the vet soon but just super anxious on what could possibly be wrong with her She’s limping because her leg is a little hurt but I know that will get better soon but what I’m really...
  4. BirdDad

    Urgent Injured Cockatiel Wing

    A few days ago my cockatiel seemed to have hurt her wing. I thought it was fine. She didn't seem hurt after then and for the next few days she seemed completely fine. A few minutes ago she tried to fly and now it seems hurt again. It dangles a bit but she can still move it. She seems to be in...