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hormonal? normal?

  1. Pipo

    Cuddle or not

    Hello, I have a female budgie who think I were her mate, although I am her mom. She normally doesn’t allow anyone to cuddle her, but when I do, she is easily aroused. Since she had laid too many eggs in the past months, I tried not to cuddle her that much. She managed to stop her egg production...
  2. Katira

    Why is he biting now and what should I do?

    Hi all! First time poster here! :newhere: I am Katira, I am 23 and an online student, bibliophile and full-time bird nerd. Welcoming all helpful suggestions for me and my two best bird friends!! :irn::heart::bcc: So a little backstory: I was given my IRN :irn: Apple, by a friend who bought him...
  3. M

    Cockatiel sexually frustrated?

    Hi everyone, i have 2 cockatiels, both male, there is one that is always more active and curious and the other is more calm and gentle. I noticed that the active one seems to be sexually frustrated because he is a bit more aggressive and he constantly busy trying to mate/masturbate with objects...
  4. Skyandkiwi

    Female budgie going in shirts. Hormonal or normal?

    Hello everybirdy! So my female budgies have both recently been going into my shirt’s sleeve and was wondering if this is hormonal behavior. When they are in my shirt, they just seem curious and go in my shirt and come out through the end/hem. They really enjoy this and always go in my shirt for...