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help gender

  1. Cinnamon86

    New flock member. Male or female?

    Hello! We would like to add a new parrot to our family, so I was shopping for something else BUT they had this poor baby all alone and broke my heart :( I dont feel that is is right to keep parrots alone without toys and in such small cages :( Id like to know if it is a male or a female before...
  2. scremme

    He or She?? (~_~;)

    Guys I have been stumped. Long story made long: I got my first cockatiel from a bird shop. They said he had been blood tested and that he was a boy. Yayy, so cute! We took him home and named him Jester. A little while later we decided to get him a friend. Having a good experience with the first...
  3. merlin&co

    what is the gender of my budgie?!

    I've been on this case since I got him. I wasn't exactly certain of my budgies, gender until quite recently when his cere started to become slightly crusty and light brownish/tan around the corners. Yes, I also realise that females begin to get this crusty/brown cere when they have matured! But...
  4. pepsix

    Male or female cockatiel based on feathers?? HELP!!

    Hello Two weeks ago I bought a around 10 month old cockatiel from a local aviary where 6 years ago I bought budgies from. I requested a male cockatiel and I saw Pepsi and I couldn't take my eyes off him! I asked if he was indeed a male as he seemed to have really red cheeks and a sort of yellow...