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healthy diet

  1. J

    What pellets should I get?

    I have a pearl whiteface cockatiel, about 7mths old, I bought for a her a zupreem fruit blend pellet for medium sized birds (says it was recommended for tiels). However, when she nibbles on it, it's abit big and most of it just ends up at the bottom of the cage. I'm planning to get a (no...
  2. mybluebirb

    Pellet conversion help?

    Finally bought my indian ring neck parrot Harrison’s high potency pellets, but the bad thing is she doesn’t like them... The only way she'll eat a bit is if I make it into a mash and put a seed at the bottom of the bowl, however, even then she doesn't eat it all, most of it is thrown, and I have...
  3. Sweet Louise

    Is this a good bird food?

    Vitakraft Sun Seed Louise is on Harrisons, Grady is on Vitakraft, vitiasmart complete nutrition. He eats lots of veggies and fruits. I gave him a tad of Harrison's and he is eating it fine. Thank you for any advice.
  4. pelmenyi

    Food for the conure

    So being a new bird owner and such, I've come to understand that I don't know a lot about the proper food. I feed my GCC Zupreem fruit blend flavored pellets and I just wanted to get some advice if this is a good brand and if there are better options out there. Thanks! I do feed her fruits and...
  5. Hoshi

    Olive Oil? Looking for Foods that Promote Strong and Healthy Feathers

    My bird has a problem. He enjoys ((trying)) to fly. He was cared for improperly at his breeder and his feathers were cut off his wings in a very sloppy manner. In short, he can't fly. He finds jumping off his cage and flapping rapidly to be a good past time. Unfortunately for him, that hasn't...
  6. KanashiiDesu

    Stubbon Lovebirds - Pellet Conversion & Vegetables

    Hello everyone, I just recently joined Avian Avenue so thank you all for the warm welcome. 3 days ago, I realized that the seed diet my lovebird pair was on was not meeting their nutritional requirements at all. So I then purchased a bag of colorful pellets and some vegetables. For the first two...